Press and Radio Update


It’s always inspiring when an exciting and inventive new artist, like guitarist Rick McGuire, pops onto the scene. McGuire reveals more of his musical soul on his new 3-song EP (the seductive, groove-infused, "2 Weeks in December") than many artists do on a full length album. The veteran Minneapolis based composer (originally from Monterey, California), artfully blends his funky, upbeat and haunting electric lead lines with infectious, easy-jangling rhythm guitar. McGuire’s first single “Little Love” both hypnotizes and tugs the heart, taking us on a spirited sensual journey..."

"It could well be required listening for all those who enjoy contemporary jazz..." 


"We are excited to introduce a unique guitarist, Rick McGuire, to Smooth Jazz..."

- Cliff Gorov, President Gorov Music Marketing


Now at Radio!

WVAS/Montgomery, AL, WEIB/Springfield, MA, KUNV/Las Vegas, NV, KUAP/Little Rock, AR, KQXT/San Antonio, TX, WTCC/Springfield, MA,,, Phase Radio Show/Australia, WRTC/Hartford, CT,,,,, KTSU/Houston, TX, WRTC/Hartford, CT, WVOF/Waterbury, CT, WUEV/Evansville, IN,,,, WSGE/Charlotte, NC,,,, Jazz The Radio Show/Nassau, Bahamas,, WZBC/Boston, MA, WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC,,,,, KIHT/St Louis, MO (HD-3), WDAF/Kansas City, MO (HD-2), WHCJ/Savannah, GA, WJAB/Huntsville, AL, WMRT/Marietta, OH,, WFSS/Fayetteville, NC,,

Rick McGuire